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A thrilling fantasy action RPG inspired by the rich and deep lore of The Elder Scrolls, The Elder Scrolls Online is a free-to-play action RPG based on a new advanced technology. An exhilarating online action game, The Elder Scrolls Online will deliver a uniquely crafted online world for everyone to explore and is focused on creating a rich fantasy universe with a strong story line and deep gameplay.
Key Features:
• Players create their own character from hundreds of unique pre-made options
• Explore a vast open world where the number of things to do is limited only by your imagination
• Utilize the perfect combination of active and strategic gameplay to conquer dungeons and raid bosses
• Grow a powerful warrior character with unique skills and skills and the massive firepower of your favorite weapon
• Fight in intense 5 vs 5 PvP combat against other players from around the world
• Explore the open world and take part in dynamic social systems including guilds, trade, warfare, and other activities
• Fight and explore in stunningly rendered 3D graphics
Tyrano is a new breed of genre-bending MMORPG that blends the intensity of action with the luxury of exploration, crafting and combat. Play solo or team up with others to take on the harsh realities of a world inhabited by tigers, snake, and a variety of other dangerous predators. Start crafting your own weapons from raw materials, and pick up valuable herbs and magical herbs from the world for extra combat power. Beat the monsters, find treasure and gain fame. While you’re at it, participate in various guild-based activities and clashes.
Key Features:
• Classless Character Creation: Start your adventure as an Archer, Wizard, Hunter, Warrior, or Ninja, then play the game your way.
• Intense Combat: Fight your enemies or hide in the shadows, and use various abilities to create combos and critical hits that can turn the tide of battle.
• Sleek and Playable: Outfit your character with special weapons and armor to look the part of the world’s fiercest warriors.
• Dynamic Role Playing: The open world is your playground, allowing you to freely travel to many regions on foot or by boat. Explore and collect resources, craft useful items, and take part in various social activities.
• Live PvP Battles: Go head-to-head in the ultimate killing spree. See the world from the viewpoint of the predator as you earn fame and money in a dog-eat-dog battle.


Features Key:

  • Epic RPG with a Handcrafted World
    The Lands Between can be characterized by forests, mountains, and plains, or expansive cities and dungeons have been built, based on the original stories by J.K. Rowling.
  • All-new Graphics and Awakened Figure System
    Grace, a complementary figure that displays various key information regarding your character, is awakened in combination with a brand new graphics engine to faithfully reproduce the lush atmosphere of the fantasy era.
  • A Chaotic Online PvP System and Reaction Management System
    As you advance your character, various PvP battles are held through a class action system in the Eternal Lands. The system measures the amount of your reactions in this battle and displays the system. Now reaction is used not only for your own battles but also for becoming a powerful lord or raising a child.
  • Multiple Multiplayer Capabilities
    You can switch freely between battles and enjoy an asynchronous online experience, where you can fight together regardless of time zone. The online environment is vast, but all the characters in your party are the same party, so you can enjoy seamless player interconnections.
  • An Enjoyable and Challenging Play Experience
    Various challenge quests based on the various situations you will encounter in the story give you great rewards, and the RPG system with a variety of elements can be enjoyed in a completely new system.
  • Various Adventure Elements
    The game is divided into three stages: the Eternal Lands, the Hidden Lands, and the Vault. Designing a battle plan by exploring the maps of the various locations takes the challenge up to a new level. Direct battle, mounting an attack, and command battles take place in the Story Map where you can view a vast adventure.

  • A lot of information goes into developing a game like this, and it’s hard to convey the immense amount


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    — “This online RPG offers a large world to explore, with various quests that vary and challenges to overcome. There’s also a vast amount of equipment to obtain, and the game even has additional content. If you enjoy RPGs, then you’ll definitely want to check out The New Fantasy Action RPG: Reign.”

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    Open world action RPG in an epic fantasy.
    • Long-term Impacts and Consequences
    Each character has their own stats and stats increase with leveling. Instead of paying for expensive skills, players can increase the stats of the characters they equip to develop the character through gameplay.
    • Loyalty and Reputation
    Loyalty and reputation to the kingdom are assigned to each character. When a character dies, the loyalty they were given is also lost.
    • An Open World with Dynamic Entertainment
    A huge world full of mystery and diversity; dynamic gameplay without any constraints.
    Colosseum Mode:
    A challenge called the Colosseum Mode was added to the game.
    When you participate in the Colosseum Mode, monsters will appear and you will be rewarded with materials and experience.
    Follow the rules for the Colosseum Mode to win rewards.
    • Mountain of Arena
    A new feature for the Colosseum Mode, the “Mountain of Arena” is the main setting. It is a large mountain that has three stages with the different rules, each area will have a different story.
    • You Are Hero and Lover
    The main character is always attached with a girl. They help each other and live together. The main characters can also build a relationship with other characters and become a couple in the Colosseum Mode.
    • Dynamic Events
    Events in the Colosseum Mode are completely dynamic. You can become closer to other characters, the heroine appears at times and towns are also transformed and will appear depending on the circumstances.
    Drawing has been improved to experience the feeling of the hasty life of an adventurer.
    Players can enjoy an even more beautiful world in the game.
    There is a lot of new music in the game, from soft and soothing to heavy and intense.
    The familiar voice-over actors from the original game have returned.
    The graphics have been completely remade.
    The characters and costumes have been redesigned and redrawn.
    It feels as if you are traveling in a different world from the previous one.
    Augmented Reality:
    An augmented reality element that allows you to see the details of the world where the game is being played in real time.
    The world where the game is being played in real time opens up and expands.
    The long-awaited augmented reality element has finally been added to “DRAGON QUEST.”
    Character Items:
    Equipping a weapon, armor, or magic will


    What’s new:

    ■Character Introduction (overview)



    Thanks to her physical prowess and aura of self confidence, Rumuel believes with passion that she will be the best contender for the position of Elden Lord. She diligently trains everyday, and meticulously plans her path to the Venerable Elden Circle. It is with self-assured expectation that Rumuel begins to challenge the current Elden Lord in battle….

    ■Overview of the System (Character Basics)

    The system smoothly informs a player about the many systems in the game and presents a quick summary of basic concepts of the game with a single button press.

    To see a detailed summary of the basic systems in the game, simply press the Y button in the game.

    ■a. Skills

    Game content is achieved through various action skills. As a party member, the skill “Boost” is acquired, and the selected area can be quickly accessed using the boost button on the controller. With Boost, the status of the character, such as physical strength, defense, attacking power, etc., will become much stronger. In PvP, Boost will be used.

    b. Lanes

    Lanes are used for PvP and the convenience of the player. Being classified as one of the three enemies at the bottom of the screen, the life gauge slowly depletes during PvP. But, there is a reasonable method of proceeding with PvP. To access the next lane, when the life gauges are less than zero, you can equip a skill that increases movement speed as your next action, or use Hero Points that are distributed to all party members immediately. This method will put you on the next lane through normal gameplay.

    c. Hero Points

    Hero Points are points that appear in the scenario. As a party member, they will


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    How to Play ELDEN RING:

    1. Move, Fight and Learn
    You play the game at the time of the introduction of the story will automatically take place. You are a powerful lords who has been reborn from the death of The Lords and the start of the adventure begins. You must respond to threats from creatures who want to take advantage of you.
    2. Customize your character
    Different weapons, armor, and skills are obtained to make a unique character that is suitable for you.
    3. Surprise, surprise, Surprise!
    Discover and lead your army of followers to conquer lands and gain treasure. When you fight monsters, the damage will not be reduced after a successful hit, and if you cannot hit them, you can keep them as a follower.
    4. Your leader is waiting
    There is a character from the first game, who has been reborn in the current world.
    5. Gain experience and become a powerful lord
    Investigate the secrets of the strange world in an effort to accumulate experience, and become a powerful lord.
    6. And again…
    Complete the storyline of your first adventure, and enter the lands of the next adventure, and then the next world.

    For Customers Who Download the Game

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    How to Play ELDEN RING:

    1. Move, Fight and Learn
    You play the game at the time of the introduction of the story will automatically take place. You


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (includes all Service Packs)
    Processor: 1.7 GHz (2.0 GHz recommended)
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 10-capable video card with 256 MB memory, display resolution of 1280×720
    DirectX: 10
    Storage: 500 MB available space
    Processor: 2.0 GHz (2.5 GHz recommended


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