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Its because the pause button is enabled. To remove the pause button from the toolbar, go to your preferences (File->Preferences) and uncheck “Pause when idle”.

You can then use one of the other methods mentioned in the question to add the pause button back.

MHC class II loci regulate the cellular immune response of the heart to allograft rejection.
MHC class II antigens are known to regulate humoral immune responses. Here we have examined the cellular immune response to cardiac allograft rejection in mice in which MHC class II genes have been knocked out. Using a retroviral T cell activation assay, we found that, with a suboptimal challenge dose, mice lacking CD4+ cells are protected from rejection. In contrast, mice lacking CD8+ cells are not. In contrast, mice lacking both CD4+ and CD8+ cells are not. These findings reveal the complexity of regulating the cellular immune response to cardiac allograft rejection.Operating from Neurath Airport

Once you’ve arrived in Neurath you can take a bus (bus nr. 1) from the airport (approx. 4,80EUR) to the main bus station Neurath Hauptbahnhof, where you need to take a regional train to Reisen.

The Neurath – Reisen station is located right in the city center (approx. 1,30EUR).

From the main train station you can take a tram (approx. 1,50EUR) to the university. The tram stop is called “Der Universitätsplatz”.

About the most famous sight on the campus are the Bruckner statue and the Schiller monument. Also to visit is our European museum, the Schweizerisches Musenmuseum, where you can find out what the university has to offer for international students.

Our university shop (sundein) is also located in the main station. The shop is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 14 o’clock, and from 1 to 5 o’clock on Saturday.


If you wish to live at the university you can get your university ID card, that will entitle you to the use of four campus apartments. The apartments are located next to the university, in the “Stiftgasse” (approx.

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