Visual Novel Maker Features Key:

  • An easy-to-use interface for faster development
  • Tutorial videos and other materials to help you understand the mechanics
  • WYSIWYG mode to let you easily add audio, images, texts and more in your works
  • The ability to add menus, sub-menus and dialogs
  • Character and action creation tools to quickly create avatars and dialogue
  • Easy GUI for telling multiple scenes
  • Tons of commonly used features already available out-of-the-box


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Feel like a wild creature inside, enjoy the real life in an amazing fantasy world. Become a Dragon King and be the ruler of a once great Kingdom. Help this beautiful dragon maiden to raise her 2 baby dragons: a male and a female. The young dragons are just full of life, and full of curiosity to discover their new home. They need to be „tamed“ before they start exploring the world. As the mother they will teach you all their tricks, they love surprises…and they can be very naughty sometimes!

Game Features:
– Lots of Dragons! – Play with more than 10 Dragons of different species!
– A great Kingdom: Find the best shelter and food for the little dragons and prepare a healthy growing environment for them.
– A mysterious world: The young dragons will discover the hidden secrets of this magical world.
– Challenges! – Let’s challenge your inner Dragons’ pride!

Our story brings the real fantasy adventure into your home. As the first Pokemon game for the 3DS, the game is also accessible to younger players.


As everyone’s childhood dream, now, you can finally take the true spirit of the game into your hands!
The story of Ash is set in the Olivine region, where mysterious power Pokémon are always wandering around. Nobody knows what kind of event might take place there. Ash travels there and meets a guy who has just appeared there named Brock, who is also chasing his dream. All of us are going to play as these two new characters and experience various events.


You will venture to various regions and meet new people on your journey. You will encounter all sorts of things, including water Pokémon, grass Pokémon, flying Pokémon and more. You can train by catching wild Pokémon in the outside world or catching them in the game


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Enjoy the most realistic, physics-based driving experience ever!Dive in for an all-new mobile physics game with 2 thrilling game modes:
★ Skate is a pick up and play arcade style game featuring 10 unique, addictive skateboard tricks.
★ Parkour is a challenging running-based puzzle platforming game with 38 different missions.
Discover a retro gameplay experience like never before!Tricks in Skate!
Explode through walls, fly through the air and perform the most spectacular skate tricks on rails. Stunt on rails, create dangerous tricks, hang over gaps or pull off sick back flips. Skate is an arcade experience that will keep you challenged throughout the entire journey!
– 10 unique skateboard tricks
– Collect coins and unlock new characters
– Unlock new skateboards
– Earn gold coins for each trick, land on ramps, jump onto conveyor belts or grind rails
– Play through 38 high-difficulty levels with multiple objectives
– Features retro pixel graphics, skater animations and addictive music
Collect coins in a platforming puzzle experience, unlocking skaters as you go along the way!
– 3 different play modes, with more in the works!
– 38 original missions
– 38 skaters to unlock
– Collect coins to unlock skaters, collect gold coins for completing each level and unlock new characters!
– Classic platforming puzzles
– Re-frame classic skaters from the past with new and unique tricks
– Ridiculous chain reactions when performing each trick
– On-rails obstacle courses
– Repetition of tricks in the level, but nothing ever runs the same twice!
– Collect coins to unlock character and difficulty settings!
– Pre-made missions to jump into or create your own levels
– A retro-themed pixelated soundtrack with no cheats
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– Best skaters in the world to compete for!
– Collect gold coins to unlock Skaters, unlock skaters to collect coins

►Game description:RECRUITING• Play solo or in coop with a friend.
• No Numbered Missions or daily tasks. There are no pop-up messages asking you to play anymore.• Work every day, and recruit for


What’s new in Visual Novel Maker:

is a video game developer and publisher founded in 1988 by former Capcom employees including Ryoji Fujisawa, Ryo Nagare and Takeshi Natsuno. Its primary titles are visual novels for the PlayStation computer entertainment system., the company employs over 120 people at their main office in Yokohama, Japan, as well as other offices around Japan.



TVM Series
1986: Chrono Trigger (PC-8801; Canvas)
1987: Final Fantasy Adventure (PC-8801; Canvas)
1987: Chrono Trigger (NEC PC-8801; ChromeBooks.XI.43)
1989: Final Fantasy Adventure (NEC PC-8801; VTC-61xx)
1989: Chrono Trigger (MSX2; VTC-61xx; TRS-80 Model III; ZX Spectrum; Macintosh)
1991: Chrono Trigger (MSX2; VTC-61xx; ZX Spectrum; Macintosh)
1991: Chrono Trigger (Windows)
1992: Chrono Trigger (PC-98; VTC-61xx; Amiga, Macintosh)
1992: Chrono Trigger (DOS)
1993: Chrono Trigger 2 (DSP-2000 Discman)
1994: Chrono Trigger (PlayStation; PlayStation CD)
1995: Chrono Trigger 2 (PlayStation; PlayStation CD)
1997: Chrono Trigger (PlayStation; PlayStation 2)
1997: Chrono Trigger 2 (PlayStation; PlayStation 2)
2001: Chrono Cross (PlayStation; PlayStation 2)
2003: Chrono Cross 2 (PlayStation 2)
2004: Chrono Cross 3 (PlayStation Portable)
2009: Chrono Cross 2 (PlayStation 3)
2011: Chrono Cross 3 (PlayStation Portable)
2012: Chrono Cross Premium Edition (PlayStation Vita)
2013: Oneechanbara (Windows Store)
2013: Chrono Cross Resurrection Engine (PlayStation Vita)
2013: Chrono Cross (PlayStation Network; PlayStation Vita)
2014: Durarara!!×2 (PlayStation Network)
2016: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash (PlayStation Network)
2016: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PlayStation Network)
2017: Sword Art Online: Lost Song
2017: My love life is hopeless, but I hope I can marry my life. (Windows Store,


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    System Requirements For Visual Novel Maker:

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    ESRB Rating:
    M – Mature
    15+ – Players must be at least 15 years old to play this game
    Play a Game of Fantasy and Danger In a Match 3 Adventure.
    Fight for glory in epic arenas as you and your friends compete for personal glory and the best score!
    Face danger as you and your friends battle against hordes of monsters in a brilliant cast of fantasy creatures!
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